Water-Soluble Cannabinoid Food and Beverage Additives

Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and health and cosmetics will all look for a supplier of effective cannabinoid extracts to be incorporated into their products. Tasteless, powder-form, water-soluble, etc. will become the standard to which many suppliers will have to achieve.  

Trait Biosciences of Los Alamos, New Mexico has applied for a patent (US Pub. No. 20200046639) for a water-soluble cannabinoid food and beverage additive. They have a patented (10,378,020) process for using plant cells to attach sugar molecules to cannabinoids, increasing it’s solubility in water.  

Another novel method of extracting pure cannabinoids for use in the aforementioned industries is cannabinoid biosynthesis. Magic Number recently posted an article discussing what you should know about cannabinoid biosynthesis and the companies in the space.    

Person Holding Laboratory Flask