Brighterion is Upping Their Cybersecurity Practices

Brighterion had two patent applications published last week relevant to the AI Cybersecurity sector.

The first relates to alerting all financial channels about risk in real-time. By organizing artificial intelligence (AI) machines into parallel sets of predictive models, each trained on both supervised and unsupervised training data for a specific financial channel, suspicious and abnormal activities are filtered through a smart agent.

The second relates to detecting merchant data breaches with a computer network server. The server witnesses every payment card transaction, assessing each transaction using a “jury” of fraud classification algorithms. The jury ultimately reaches a fraud-risk-verdict, which is normalized and standardized using merchant group size characteristics. Once this comparison is complete, a merchant data-breach alert is issued if a final score and sum of the normalized fraud-risk-verdict exceeds a set threshold.

Brighterion, a Mastercard company, develops artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Their AI platform functions across various industries, providing discovery, identification, and mitigation of anomalous activities.

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