Voice-Activated Energy Management

Landis+Gyr Innovations, Inc (Landis+Gyr) was recently issued a new patent for a voice-activated energy management system.

Utility consumers are frequently unable to obtain current information about their energy resource consumption, despite the prevalence of metering devices that accurately track resource consumption. Moreover, when utility consumers eventually receive their resource consumption information, it is usually on a utility bill at the end of the month or on a time-delay. This delay inhibits a consumer’s ability to manage costs associated with resource consumption.

Landis+Gyr’s system would enable consumers to send a voice-activated request for energy consumption information to a smart speaker. With the smart speaker connected to a metering device on the consumer’s premises, energy consumption data is retrieved and returned to the consumer, using speech output from the smart speaker.

Landiis+Gyr recently unveiled their next-generation advanced meter, “Revelo.” Revelo takes advantage of Landis+Gyr’s waveform data technology and edge computing capabilities, providing greater levels of energy consumption awareness and insight.