Blickfield Debuts Full-Suite LIDAR

Munich-based LIDAR giant Blickfeld has stated that they will present their long-range, high-fidelity automotive sensing suite- including their Cube and Cube Range – as well as a live car demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Convention in Las Vegas next January.

This strident output in remote sensing offers the driver a wider field of vision and detection up to 250 meters in range, addressing a need for more highway-appropriate LIDAR to supplement existing technology more geared toward high density urban streets. Combined, the two cubes are able for vision to encircle a vehicle. The Cube will also be honored at the convention with a CTA Innovation Award.

Blickfeld was founded in 2016 and has amassed $10 billion in funding. Their focus on autonomous vehicle sensing using IoT has been set into motion through a partnership with Japanese manufacturer Koito as of earlier this year.