GW Pharmaceuticals Doubles US Epidiolex Sales 2nd Quarter

GW Pharmaceuticals continues to set the bar as they released this month that their US Epidiolex sales more than doubled to $68.4 million in the second quarter from the first, once again sending their stocks soaring during after hours trading. Epidiolex is the first and only FDA approved CBD extract drug used for the treatment of epilepsy. GW Pharma had one US application (2019/0247324) for phytocannabinoid formulations for treating epilepsy published this month. Their US cannabis patent portfolio now has over 180 documents and they have filed several Patent Cooperation Treaties. GW’s portfolio spans all of our tag categories except for processing. Take a closer look at their portfolio with your exclusive access to our interactive and proprietary Patent Forecasting Radian diagram included in your subscription to the Magic Number Cannabis sector.  Your Magic Number subscription will give you the resources you need to make informed decisions regarding the market to help set you ahead of your competitors.

Epilepsy, Seizure, Stroke, Headache