InteraXon pivots to focus on sleep

InteraXon, maker of the Muse™ headband, was awarded a patent this week for an eyeglass frame with an EEG sensor and an EOG sensor. This is similar technology to what is currently implemented in its headband product line, and directly applies the eyeglass frame device to sleep technology.

The company unveiled a new sleep meditation headband, known as the Softband, at CES in January that is set to launch in Q4 this year. The company is making a strategic pivot to target sleep, aiming to help put users to sleep by playing a meditation. The Softband is the company’s first soft headband. The device will detect when a user falls asleep and then turn off. A patent application related to the flexible headband published in July of this year.

InteraXon faces competition in the EEG space from companies, including Emotiv and NeuroSky. It remains to be seen if the soft headband and focus on sleep increase consumer adoption for InteraXon.