Green Cubes Technology and Preferred Freezer Services Create Largest Lithium Battery-Powered Materials Handling Fleet

Green Cubes Technology and Preferred Freezer Services have partnered to launch the largest lithium battery-powered fleet in the cold storage industry.  Maintaining warehouses at a frigid -20 C is a problem for lead-acid battery systems, causing them to lose power and operating efficiency over their short cycle life, with decreased performance of up to 50 percent.  Preferred Freezer Services is using Green Cubes’ Lithium SAFEFlex® battery systems to replace lead-acid battery systems to increase efficiency and durability in cold environments. Green Cubes has been producing lithium ion batteries for forklifts, medical carts, and motive power systems for more than 30 years, but only started filing patents in 2013. Currently they have two issued patents and two pending applications. Their most recent patent application deals with multi-cell battery management. The applications do not appear to be directed to cold environments, however.