Who is Top Flight Technologies?

Top Flight Technologies, a commercial UAV startup based in Massachusetts, is disrupting the industry. Recently issued their ninth patent since September 2017, the company is taking a step back from a traditional batteries-only approach. The company has taken what could be a 200 pound hybrid engine and miniaturized it, providing more power and longer flight times compared to other commercial drones. John Polo, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, claims their Airborg UAV can produce the same power as a small helicopter, with flight times of over two hours and a four kilogram payload. 

Top Flight Technologies recently announced a partnership with Hyundai Motors to accelerate development for commercial applications, including cargo transport, inspection services, and industrial surveillance. Hyundai does have patents in the space, but this move signals a renewed interest in UAV technology. Vice President of Hyundai CRADLE, John Suh, said that Hyundia’s future business will benefit from top Flight’s developments in aerial logistics and mapping.