MIT Researchers use AI to monitor sleep.

Electrical engineers at MIT are attempting to remove uncomfortable physical sensors from sleep monitoring and instead incorporate artificial intelligence into radio frequency technology to wirelessly monitor sleep health.

Apple plans to incorporate sleep technology into the Apple Watch

In May 2017, Apple acquired consumer sleep technology company, Beddit. Apple has purportedly been developing sleep technology since this time that it plans to incorporate into the Apple Watch by 2020. 

Sleep Number is monitoring sleep with a fluid-filled bladder.

Sleep Number is using a fluid-filled bladder to monitor heartbeat and respiration of a sleeping subject.

Shenzhen Medica Technology Development is monitoring and evaluating sleep.

Shenzhen Medica is scoring user's sleep and presenting a sleep evaluation via a mobile device.

EBB Therapeutics is controlling the temperature of a user’s forehead while asleep.

EBB Theraputics, developers of the ComfortBand cooling sleep mask, are extending sleep stages and total sleep duration by temperature control of a person's forehead.

Google is developing non-invasive vital monitoring.

Google is working on developing non-invasive, passive means of monitoring vitals, including tracking cardiac activity while a person is asleep.

GE selling biopharma business for $21.4 billion

General Electric agreed to sell its biopharma business to Danaher, headquartered in Washington D.C., for $21.4 billion.

Researchers at UC are enabling dynamic load balancing in a power network

Researchers at the University of California are enabling dynamic load balancing in a power network by monitoring loads in phases at nodes and commanding phase switches of a plurality of nodes to rotate phases.UC Irvine is hosting one of…

Smart Wires is enabling control of the total power system from within and at the edge of the power grid

Smart Wires, located in Union City CA, is enabling dynamic and integrated control of the total power system using distributed impedance injection modules and actuator devices within and at the edge of the power grid.

Mastercard is giving the bots their own accounts

Mastercard is issuing accounts to electronic transaction devices, including those that support security at the domain, user, and device level across domains of multiple service providers, including utility.

Sikorsky Aircraft is configuring drones to operate in a safe, manual, or enroute mode

Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, is configuring drones to operate in a safe mode, a manual mode, or an enroute mode. These modes determine whether mission or manual commands are accepted or refused.

NXP is controlling drones using certificates to grant control of drones

NXP, located in the Netherlands, is using a reader to receive and a controller to verify whether certificate data are valid, providing certificate-based control of drones.

Nauto is using drones for precision localization

Nauto, located in Palo Alto, is using vehicles such as drones for precision localization and mapping. The drones identify a landmark and use the information associated with it, such as a relative position between the vehicle and the…

Talkgroup calling for drone fleet – By Motorola

Motorola is enabling talkgroup calling  -  user-group channels - for drone fleets

Mitsubishi Electric can detect cyberattacks on drones, cars, and robots

Mitsubishi Electric, headquartered in Japan, has developed what it believes is the first sensor-security technology for detecting inconsistencies that appear in sensor measurements when a system is under attack. Applications of this…

IBM is developing UAV technologies for 3D reconstruction, rescue operations, and monitoring drones

IBM is using multiple drones to take two-dimensional measurements of a given scene, and then using distributed processing to produce three-dimensional reconstructions. IBM is also using drones to detect an individual requiring rescue and…

Drone hitchhikes rides on moving vehicle!

Hyundai, headquartered in South Korea, is developing a UAV capable of landing on a moving vehicle having a similar route.

Honeywell creates first Boy Scout drone

Honeywell is using an onboard weather radar system on drones and other aircraft to detect weather conditions. The system is used to determine whether modifying the flight path is necessary for a safe flight.

EZ3D drones perform structural inspection and construction estimation

EZ3D Technologies, located in Syracuse NY, is using UAVs to take images for an automated system for structural inspection and construction estimation, particularly for residential roofs.

DJI deploys 400 flying farmworker-bots

DJI is imposing flight restrictions on drones so that they do not fly above a certain altitude.Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont, announced on 2/25/2019 a global partnership with DroneDeploy to use their software…

Autel Robotics recreates homicide scene

Autel Robotics, located in Bothell WA, is determining and tracking targets, such as an escaped criminal, through intelligent following of a UAV.Autel Robotics and other companies recreated a homicide scene at a park in order to demonstrate…

AT&T, Microsoft, and Vorpal are working together on anti-drone measures

AT&T is deploying drones with cameras, microphones, and speakers to record and alert individuals who have entered a restricted area. AT&T is also providing safety and security for UAVs by establishing no-fly and restricted flight…

Ube Industries CIS solar cells have greater flexibility and higher efficiency

Ube Industries, headquartered in Japan, is producing a CIS solar cell with an aromatic polyimide film substrate for greater flexibility and a higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.

SunPower manufacturing panels in new Oregon factory

SunPower, headquartered in San Jose CA, has begun making its more advanced solar panels in its new Hillsboro OR factory, four months after it purchased the facility from SolarWorld for $26 million.SunPoweris using tri-layer…

QMAT is stabilizing a donor substrate with a backing substrate

QMAT, located in San Francisco CA, is stabilizing a donor substrate in a layer transfer process by attaching a backing substrate. The substrate can be used to fabricate a wide range of optoelectronics.Firsthand Technology Value Fund had…

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