System and Method for Providing Light Therapy to a User Body

Futuremedix, located in Longmont CO, is developing a light therapy device for providing therapeutic treatment for those with body problems and/or skin disorders.

Intelligent Monitoring, Interactive, and Wireless Internet Connected Medication Adherence, Analytics, and Database Solution

Daya Medicals, located in Boca Raton FL, is developing a medication adherence platform that uses machine-learning analytics and is connected to the Internet to realize real-time pharmaceutical and consumer product fulfillment.

Worsening Heart Failure Stratification

Cardiac Pacemakers, a subsidiary of Boston Scientific located in Saint Paul MN, is developing systems for monitoring patients for risk of worsening heart failure (WHF).

Apparatus and Method for Communication Management, and a Lighter Than Air Vehicle

BAE Systems, located in the UK, is developing an apparatus for the management of communications resources of a moving platform, such as a UAV. They are also developing a lighter-than-air vehicle with a device that redirects light.BAE…

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Olympics

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are all set to make a big splash at the Aero-India 2019 with a unique 'Drone Olympics' on February 21. On the  agenda is a 'Surveillance Competition'. The candidates will be evaluated on Flight Time,…

Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation is efficiently adjusting an energy storage system charge/discharge operation.

Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation is developing technologies for efficiently adjusting an energy storage system charge/discharge operation by correcting a peak cut value and a load leveling value computed from a load forecast value and…

Zeco is determining an availability of the electric vehicle charging station.

Zeco is implementing an electric vehicle charging station system and determining an availability of the electric vehicle charging station.

Johnson Controls is developing a building management system with an incentive-based demand response program.

Johnson Controls is developing a building management system with electrical energy storage optimization based on statistical estimates of event probabilities in an incentive-based demand response program.

Bidgely is disaggregating and detecting energy usage associated with electric vehicle charging.

Bidgely provides AI-based analytics that can itemize home energy usage data to the appliance level without using any plug-level monitors. This week, we see Bidgely is disaggregating and detecting energy usage associated with electric…

Itron is improving networking functions of utility meters.

Itron is improving networking functions of utility meters. It was announced on January 29, 2019 that Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) is working with Itron to accelerate development of smart cities in Illinois through a smart…

Swarming, docking UAVs from NASA

NASA is developing a modular UAS that includes a UAV parent module and UAV child modules. The child modules can dock with the wingtips of the parent or an adjacent child module. Docking can be used to establish a linked-flight…

Identifying Camera Position of a UAV in Flight Utilizing Real Time Kinematic Satellite Navigation

Skycatch, located in San Francisco CA, is developing systems for determining the position of a camera affixed to a UAV in flight. The systems combines real time kinematic satellite navigation techniques with UAV attitude data.

Launch-Controlled UAVs, and Associated Systems and Methods

Nixie Labs, a startup located in Mountain View CA, is developing launch-controlled UAVs that can establish a flight path based on motion parameters detected while a person releases the UAV for flight.

Systems and Methods for Providing Location Specific Content and Notifications Utilizing Beacons and Drones

Fresh Digital, located in New York NY, is developing systems for providing location-specific content and notifications on venue information via beacons and drones.

Apparatus and Method for Centralized Control of Vehicles

Flytrex, located in Israel, is developing an apparatus for centralized control of vehicles, such as UAVs. The company has raised $7.5 million in Series B funding, bringing the company’s total to $11 million. The funds will be used to…

UAV 3D Mapping of Cell Sites and Wireless Networks

ETAK Systems, located in Huntersville NC, is developing systems for developing 3D models of cell sites and their coverage areas using UAVs. The UAVs are programmed to fly along an autonomous flight path around a cell tower at a cell site,…

Variable Reference Frames in Unmanned Vehicles

Clearpath Robotics, located in Canada, is developing variable reference frame navigation for unmanned vehicles. The vehicle can switch between a global reference frame and a local reference frame.

Unmanned Surveyor

Aveopt, located in Ann Arbor MI, is developing a UAV surveyor that can be controlled with a controller headset that detects movements. The images or video captured by the surveyor can be presented to a person via a first-person…

Methods and Systems for Managing Patient Treatment Compliance

WellDoc, located in Columbia MD, is developing systems for managing patient compliance with a patient healthcare treatment plan. It uses data received from a healthcare provider over a network.

Digital Habit-Making and Coaching Ecosystem

Wellcoaches, a vocational school located in Wellesley MA, is developing an electronic system for facilitating the establishment of habits.

Methods, Systems, and Non-Transitory Computer Readable Media for Estimating Maximum Heart Rate and Maximal Oxygen Uptake from Submaximal Exercise Intensities

UNC-Chapel Hill is developing a system for estimating the maximum heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake of a user performing an exercise at a submaximal intensity.

Autonomous Brain-Machine Interface

The State University of New York (SUNY-Binghamton) is developing a reinforcement learning brain-machine interface (RL-BMI) with a policy that governs how detected signals from the brain's motor cortex are translated into action.

Implants Using Ultrasonic Backscatter for Sensing Physiological Conditions

The University of California is developing an implantable device with a sensor that detects an analyte's quantity, pH, temperature, strain, and pressure by using ultrasonic backscatter.

Processing of Electrophysiological Signals

STMicroelectronics, located in Switzerland, is developing a method of processing PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) signals. It involves assigning waveforms a recognition score and discarding those with scores below a certain threshold.

Apparatus and Method for Measuring Blood Pressure

Samsung is developing a blood pressure measuring apparatus that corrects the effect of hydrostatic pressure on the blood pressure. It uses an image of the user to determine the relative position of the blood pressure measuring point.

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