Think cryptocurrency is a fad? Bank of America disagrees with you.

When large multi-billion dollars companies start investing, it’s officially a trend.

According to recent patent filings, large banks keep developing blockchain-based systems. This trend has been quietly gaining momentum since 2013, as our Cryptocurrency Packaged Sectors has been monitoring these developments weekly.

Here’s just a large company filings in the Cryptocurrency sectors from just from the past week:

Bank of America is providing information security for a blockchain, including encrypting and linking data elements within blocks of a blockchain.

Accenture is actively developing various blockchain-related technologies, including sharing 3D print models on a blockchain and hardware acceleration for blockchain record entry.

The Bank of New York Mellon is developing a distributed blockchain network that generates and transmits blocks of encrypted transaction records such that only select encrypted transaction records can be decrypted and viewed by a member of the block chain network.

Here’s a screenshot from our interactive Patent Forecast (included with our Packaged Sectors) that shows Bank of America’s filings