How To Build a Valuable IP Portfolio

Our Patent Forecast® Sectors identify patent trends so companies can seize the opportunity first.



Patent Data is a rich information source

about who is investing in technology long before their IP hits the market. Any company gearing up to enter the market will leave a trail of paperwork full of their intentions. Knowing where the opportunities lie (and which areas to avoid) is essential in creating a valuable IP portfolio.

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So why hasn’t anyone used patent data before?

Patents are incredibly tedious legal and technical documents. It takes highly-paid experts thousands of hours to review documents before any patterns emerge. This process must be repeated for every market sector of interest. It was impossible to get this data in real time. Until now.

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First-mover advantage: Act on what others miss.

Our skilled patent analysts have created AI-driven software that uses machine learning along with real-time market data to identify patterns and trends that are difficult, if not impossible to spot using today's traditional tools. The result? Patent Forecast Sectors.

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Grow your IP portfolio - or prepare for an exit

Our Patent Forecast Sectors make spotting new market trends and insights easier than ever before. Plus, every week, it identifies IP trends, relevant patent data, along with market data, and sends them to your inbox.

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